What Is Official Betting?

Official betting is a wager that takes place within the boundaries of state law. Sportsbooks can offer a variety of bets, including moneylines, spreads and parlays. Additionally, some sportsbooks have prop bets that allow you to take a more vested interest in specific outcomes, like how many points a player will score.

The NHL’s collective bargaining agreement and constitution stipulate that players and those who work for the league cannot bet on NHL games. It’s a rule that’s posted in every dressing room across the league. That said, players can make bets on non-NHL events, though they must not do so while at team or league facilities or when on the road with their teams.

PURDUM: The league’s original stance was that legalizing sports gambling would undermine the integrity of their games. They thought that if the public could put money on a game, it would open the door to more attempts at fixing – rigging games for gambling purposes.

Fortunately, that’s not been the case. The NFL has beefed up its in-house technology and security personnel, and is partnering with sportsbooks and independent integrity monitors to help enforce its policies and catch offenders. It also has a number of in-house investigations that it can use to identify any potential issues. It also has a number of betting partners, such as FanDuel and DraftKings, and even has a sportsbook inside a Philadelphia Eagles stadium.