The Official Poker Rules

The game of poker is an international pastime that has its own rules. Many cardrooms have adopted these rules. The FIDPA, or the International Poker Federation, was founded in 2008 by Marcel Luske, a world-renowned Dutch poker professional. The rules are now available to download online. This poker book was updated in 2012, but you can still refer to it in case of a question. Here are a few of its key points.

There are two main kinds of official poker rules: the American and Canadian versions. The American version, which is widely used, does not distinguish between the two. It is, however, a more comprehensive set. The Canadian edition of the book is slightly different. Whether you prefer the English or the Spanish version, the rules are almost identical to those in the TDA. The official poker rules, however, differ slightly. Therefore, you may want to check with the tournament director or the poker organization to be sure you’re not violating any rules.

When dealing cards, players should not reveal their hands before the betting process is complete. Also, it is against the rules to reveal the contents of folded hands to other players, as this could affect the game. During the deal, players should not stack chips to interfere with the process of dealing. They should also be wary of touching or looking into the discards or the deck stub. Lastly, players should never interfere with another player’s dealing.