Sports Betting Partnerships

The legality of sports betting is largely determined by state laws. Many states are opposed to gambling, while others have embraced it.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports betting in 2018. While some states have passed legislation to legalize the industry, no federal legislation has been proposed.

League Data Mandate: a Front and Center in US Sports Betting Policy

As sports betting becomes more widely offered, US sports leagues have been looking for a way to monetize the data they collect. As such, lobbying for a sports betting data mandate has emerged as the primary front in the effort to shape US state and federal policy.

In the meantime, they have forged relationships with real-time data providers to gain access to live stats and in-play betting data. These relationships have helped them expand their reach and build brand awareness with a market eager to bet on their favorite teams.

Direct Ties to Retail Locations: Almost every state that has launched its own iGaming market requires online operators to hitch their wagons to a retail betting facility located in that state. This not only legitimizes online bookmakers, but gives players additional means to seek help should any issues arise.

NCAA, MLB and NHL Official Sportsbook Partners

The NCAA and all of the major professional leagues have betting partnerships with leading sportsbooks to offer their games. The National Hockey League is the most recent addition to this list, signing a deal with Sportradar in early 2018.

MLB also has an official betting partner in FanDuel Group. The deal makes the industry-leading online sportsbook an official MLB Sportsbook partner and allows FanDuel to use official MLB branding and category designations throughout its products, including its Sportsbook, Daily Fantasy and FanDuel Faceoff platforms.