NFL’s New Official Betting Partners

If you’re a sports nut, you’ve probably heard about NFL’s new official betting partnerships. These are not one-off deals, but huge portfolios of well-informed relationships. Essentially, the NFL wants to know what you’re doing with your time, and it’s willing to help.

NFL’s new “official” betting partners are a big part of the league’s effort to bring gambling to the masses. Aside from the PGA TOUR, which has announced a multi-year expansion of its marketing and content relationship with FanDuel, the NFL is also working with Caesars to promote its online betting products.

The PGA Tour has also taken a more proactive approach to the gaming industry, establishing a partnership with DraftKings to offer an official Daily Fantasy Game. Lastly, the NFL has struck deals with BetMGM and Fox, allowing for video licensing and sportsbook sponsorships.

When it comes to gambling content, the NFL has taken its time and has been cautious about its approach. For example, it allowed for sportsbook-sponsored betting lounges in stadiums and permitted the use of “vig” to buttress football observations.

It also commissioned an analysis of what sports bettors wanted in the way of gambling content. They found that the mobile-friendly sportsbook app was the most popular item. Similarly, a “gambling” theme was simulcast on ESPN Plus last year.

Moreover, the NFL is in the process of establishing its own gambling training programs. In the past three years, partnerships between the league and betting operators have grown rapidly across the US.