Kentucky Sportsbooks Offer Official Betting

Official betting is sports wagering on games that have been officially commissioned by a game’s organizer. These wagers offer competitive odds, fast payouts and world-class software. They are available from a wide range of Kentucky sportsbooks, including bet365 and BetMGM.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has announced a new multi-year deal with US gambling firm FanDuel in a move to boost the league’s sports betting partnership roster. MLB joins the National Basketball Association (NBA), NHL, PGA Tour and WBSC as leagues that have secured official betting partnerships.

Under current rules, players, coaches and other team staff members are prohibited from betting on any sports event in which they have a direct duty to perform or in which their participation is a mandatory condition of their employment. In addition, players and coaches are forbidden from placing bets at any sportsbook in which they have a stake in the business.

MLB also conducts a postseason screening of its officials for criminal charges and convictions that involve gambling or sports wagering. Anyone flagged for this kind of activity is automatically ineligible to be an official.

While Ohio and Oregon legalized sports betting in 2021, Colorado’s efforts to expand the industry were stalled in 2022. In the meantime, the state allows in-person and mobile sports betting with licensed operators. All collegiate games remain off limits, however. In fact, a number of collegiate players have been suspended for violating their team’s betting policies in recent years.